BSS Replacement Estimator


Estimation parameters


Customer information

Number of B2C customers (1000') Number of individual customers in thousands. Count a customer with multiple services as one.
Number of B2B customers (1000') Number of end-points for B2B customers (mobile subscriptions, connection addresses) in thousands
Business lines
 Check off the business lines

Organisation information

Number of affected departmentsNumber of departments impacted, e.g., B2C PM, finance, customer service, onsite
Customer service staff countStaff count in customer service, internal and external
Field technician countStaff count in field service, internal and external, affected by BSS
Other staff countStaff count in other affected department, e.g., PM

System information

Number of systems to replaceEnter number of systems that are to be decomissioned after the project
Number of databases to extract information fromEnter number of major databases from where data is to be extracted for migration
Number of interfaces to other systemsEnter number of technical interfaces the systems is to interact with
Number of interfaces subject to dual operationsEnter number of technical interfaces that are subject to dual operations, e.g., online, CDRs. Number will be overlapping with technical interfaces.
Approach to online

Specify approach to implementing online presence

Cost and approach information

Cost of internal staffEnter daily rate for internal staff in EUR
Cost of external staffEnter daily rate for external, individually hired staff in EUR
Cost of external staffEnter daily rate for external, system integrator staff in EUR
Approach to external assistance

Specify assumed use of external staff.
Light augmentation, hand-picked is support to overall program manager and a few select specialities.
Heavy augmentation, hand-picked is overall program manager, PMO, several sub-project managers and some select specialities.
Light augmentation, system integrator, is overall program manager, PMO, several sub-project managers and some select specialities.
Heavy augmentation, system integrator, assumes use of SI team to manage project and supply relevant staff to this end.
Fill in the simple form above to get an estimate of BSS cost with the provided parameters.

Selected assumptions

Methodology. A number of subprojects, each of which may deliver with its own approach (typically agile of some sort), all coming together in basic working form for integration, release and migration testing. Gradual migration of customers. No specific estimate for loading historic data that does not conform to latest content and format. Key subproject is from software vendor, delivering the bulk of the implementation.

Functional scope. Regular BSS including customer service, order management, billing, revenue assurance, online, output management. Provisioning, network inventory and field force are assumed reused. Some flexibility exists as different vendors have different depth of functionality. Simple B2B included, advanced quoting, documentation of complex build-to-order products etc. are not.

Technical scope. Management of technical environment (but not the actual setup of environments - this is costed in hardware). Test environments etc. for existing systems are not included. Assume use of existing interfaces, i.e., only adaptation required is for dual operations. Data cleansing assumed to be marginal (as it is very situation dependent).

Organisation scope. Implementation, training and regular change management for affected departments. Additional staff for go-live. No specific estimate for securing leadership commitment. No estimate for implementing new process and instruction documentation systems.